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Marketing PACER helps businesses market their way to the finish line. In B2B or B2C, if you want to win the race, you’ve come to the right place.


Hello, I’m Danit

A master blender of planning and doing
Founder of Marketing Pacer.

A marketing resource for companies across industries: FMCG, Cosmetics, Agriculture, Industrials, Pharma, Finance and Hi Tech Startups


So what exactly
do you need?

You may need
...someone who

In short, someone with credentials, not just zbuzzwords...


A Marketing Pacer...

Is Fact/Data Driven

Thorough understanding of the environment, competition, and profitability model

Merges Physical & Digital

Consumer insights derived from numbers. Following trends. Identifying the next big thing

Fuels the Growth Engines

Innovation, smarter entrepreneurial thinking. New markets, categories, and audiences

Ties Up Loose Ends

From a bird’s view down to the nitty gritty. Branding consistency. The devil is in the details

Ideas, planning and execution, with lots of stuff happening along the way. What’s the point of throwing around ambitious ideas that will crash before takeoff?

Crossing the finish line is what makes all the difference.

.And that’s why I adore my job


Pricing strategy and its integration into the business model; Building the sales mix and commercial strategy, down to setting sales targets; Preparing and managing the budget in real time for maximum effectiveness and reach; Media planning negotiation and auditing. Accuracy will yield higher effectiveness and savings.
Grow the Business
Identify new directions and trends for the development of novel products and services that represent viable opportunities
Awards and distinctions received for groundbreaking campaigns that led to new product categories and expansion of the business
The Marketing Woman Award - Israeli Marketing Association - for the 100% Natural Ingredients Product Line Campaign - 2013
SIAL 2016, for the Antibiotic-free and 100% Natural Ingredients product line
Product of the Year Award for 100% Natural Ingredients - 2012
Product of the Year Award for Antibiotic-free - 2013
Product of the Year Award for Reduced Salt - 2014
Lecturing in the And Business Spaces
Market Research - Building questionnaires, programming, analysis, assessment and reports, both qualitative and quantitative; Testing of concepts and acceptance of new products and innovative ideas.
Lectures: Building Brands in the Era of Excess Data - Building brands, scanning through the changes in consolidating brand-oriented thinking in an era where people and machines are intimately interconnected. Media Budget Planning - Where do we begin? Allocation of resources, physical/digital hybrid thinking, mix, setting quantitative goals based on business objectives. Reverse Engineering - An effective tool in marketing training. Media Exposure - Academic research on self reported exposure to media vs. automatic data tracking (linear and digital TV).
Do the Basics Right
Proper planning and execution are key. Marketing Projects, Branding and Communication, Digital Advertising, PR, Creating Content, Promotional Activities, Managing the Annual Marketing Planning Process
Building Brand Strategies and Re-branding
Starting from concept development, positioning, communication strategy, naming, preparing accurate creative briefs, liaising with design teams, formulating product vision/values.
Seek Funding
Preparation of business plans for investors or government incentive programs with a marketing focus. Putting together presentations for the BOD


Because business
is done with people

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